Master Class with Ms. Chelsea!

We have some exciting news for our local school choirs: Ms. Chelsea will be holding master classes via Zoom for the middle school and high school choirs next week! See below for details:

Masterclass with Bunsold Middle School choirs (private event)
Tuesday, April 21st 11:30AM

Masterclass with Marysville High School choirs (private event)
Friday, April 24th 2PM

In the master class, Ms. Chelsea will be giving technique ideas, healthy singing techniques, and all sorts of helpful information. Afterwards would be a practical segment where Ms. Chelsea would work with the students in front of the whole class to show results of the techniques, in real time.

Moreover, students from the master class would also get benefits: a super reduced discount for the “Beat Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety” video series! Participants will be given a coupon code to be able to purchase the confidence series for $10. A whopping 80% off from its original price of $50: quite a steal!

-Ms. Chelsea and Mr. Paul

Are you looking for a music teacher that goes beyond music lessons?

We believe that mentorship is more than just endowing someone skills and enriching their talent. We LOVE connecting with people passionate about music, student or not.

Music, for us, is community.
We love getting to know our students as unique individuals and creating a space where they can be themselves. Generally, musicians really show their best when they're in a good, positive space. And we want our students to find that space. 

We offer piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, Broadway classes and other group classes, at the heart of Marysville. We have students from Powell, Worthington, Upper Arlington, Columbus, and surrounding areas.


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