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Being an Artist in Residence with the RED School of music was a very unique and exciting opportunity, and I learned so much about running a music studio, recruiting students, and teaching! Working so closely with experienced professionals in the field was an eye-opening and invaluable experience. My favorite thing about the program was getting a chance to explore and make connections in a new community. I have made wonderful and life-changing connections and experiences in Bellefontaine that I never would have expected. I also loved getting the chance to plan and put on our own recitals in Bellefontaine and watching our students (many of whom had very little experience performing) light up in front of an audience!

Nick Harwas

Artist in Residence, 2021-2022

It has been an honor to teach flute at the Red School of Music for the past two years. Paul and Chelsea are such talented musicians! Their level of performance is just outstanding! I am so impressed with their ability and willingness to share their expertise with students on every level.

The Red School of Music is truly a school that provides a positive and nurturing environment for every student. They embrace students on all levels and help them reach their potential by providing the right amount of support, encouragement and good solid musical training! Know that your student will receive exceptional musical instruction at the Red School of Music!

Bonnie Navarre

Flute Teacher

The artist in residency was a unique and formative experience! I really felt I was putting on the shoes of a studio owner, while being mentored on entrepreneurial aspects behind the scenes. It was great to be in a new town and create foundational relationships with families and community members.

Lucy Hoy

Artist in Residence, 2021-2022

I have really loved working for Red over the past year! You have all taught me a lot about what it means to be a good teacher. It has been an invaluable experience that I will cherish for forever. I really do appreciate this opportunity you have given me to grow and learn in such a great environment.

Sam McGonigal

Piano and Voice Teacher

In RED there are students who truly love music and that really create a great environment for music study. Also Chelsea and Paul are such wonderful musicians to work with. I wish the best for the future of RED.

Bingjie Wang

Violin Teacher

The Marysville Studio

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