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Piano Lessons at RED

Piano Lessons


Our individual piano lessons are catered to each student’s needs and abilities, and our teachers offer professional quality education and experiences to our students. We offer weekly or bi-weekly 20 to 30-minute lessons, depending on the needs of the student.

What's In Store For You?

Rehearsals and Auditions

Get a Broadway actor's experience, from auditions to rehearsals to the big show. More than just a class on singing, acting, and dancing, we provide the closest experience of a Broadway star, including rehearsals for the big show.

Performance Opportunities

Students are given various opportunities to apply their learning in more practical setups such as annual recitals and shows. We want our students to grow in confidence and experience what being onstage is truly like!


Join a community with a shared passion for Broadway! We are a close-knit team of performers, backstage talents, student leaders, and instructors that love and appreciate music and Broadway.

Professional Teachers

Our faculty is committed to providing professional quality education to each of our students. We believe that teachers, as second parents, should be able to provide support for our students and help them in their musical journey and their personal growth.

He encouraged me and I took one of my first pieces that was a truly difficult piano piece for the skill level I was at to a solo and ensemble competition which I never thought possible. And I just wanna say thank you for encouraging me to perform.

Jack M.

High school junior

Not only did I learn so much about the skills of piano and the technicalities of everything, but I also learned a lot about myself and how I worked as a person. It’s very rare that you find a teacher who not only pushes you and challenges you to do your best, but who also can joke around with you and have a lot of fun during the lesson.

Leanne E.

Senior student, Marysville High School

Working with Paul has been a blessing for me. He turned me from just a good pianist into a great one and got someone who had never sung in their life to now going into theater and music education.

Benjamin H.

Music Education major, Wayne State University

Will and Emerson clicked from the instant Will touched the keys I think! The only thing I wish was that we had found Emerson sooner!! He has an incredible way to push Will to continually challenge himself. I have enjoyed listening to Will’s talent develop!

Tamara E.

Parent of piano student

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