Private Acting Lessons

Private Acting Lessons


Our private acting lessons are catered to each student’s needs and abilities, and our teachers offer professional quality education and experiences to our students. We offer weekly or bi-weekly 20 to 30-minute lessons, depending on the needs of the student.

We teach students who want to learn acting and dominate film, theater, and more!

What’s In Store For You?

Rehearsals and Auditions

Get an actor’s experience, from auditions to rehearsals to the big show. More than just a class on singing, acting, and dancing, we provide the closest experience of an acting star, including rehearsals for the big show or on set.

Performance Opportunities

Students are given various opportunities to apply their learning in more practical setups such as annual recitals and shows. We want our students to grow in confidence and have the closest experience to the film or Broadway industry!


Join a community with a shared passion for music and performance! We are a close-knit team of performers, backstage talents, student leaders, and instructors that love and appreciate performance and music.

Professional Teachers

Our faculty is committed to providing professional quality education to each of our students. We believe that teachers, as second parents, should be able to provide support for our students and help them in their musical journey and their personal growth.

Thank you so much for being Syd’s singing teacher. She has really come so far. Every time she sings, it brings tears to my eyes. I think the confidence you instill in your students is an absolute lifelong gift you have given them. To sing from their chest takes some bravery and I think that without you that confidence in singing would not be there. The confidence goes far past just singing and I notice that change in Syd. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better teacher for her to work with. Thank you so much!

Kim C.

Parent of voice student

Paul keeps helping Dominike grow with her voice so much and she is also so amazed about how he can play the piano that she started taking piano classes with him hoping that one day she might play the piano as amazing as him.

Ms. Chelsea is always there to help Dominike or Alexa with any of their questions, both of them help our daughters keep growing in their music path. We love The Melcher family so much!!

Candy M.

Parent of voice students

My experience with RED is so amazing. I love coming here every Wednesday. It is my favorite thing to do. I love learning songs with Ms. Chelsea and just absolutely flourishing in this environment.

I’ve definitely learned a lot. When I came here, I was very very nervous, like singing in front of people. I was very quiet and I didn’t like to raise my voice when I sing.

I definitely learned more music now. It’s a very good technique to have.

Keira B.

Voice student

I have done voice lessons at Red Music School for over 2 years. I really like the teachers and all the opportunities to learn and show my talent to others. I would recommend this music school to any one who would like to study music, whether that be singing or another musical interest.

Daniel K.

Voice student

The teachers are always trying to challenge us with new music and try to connect with you on a personal level. I love how I feel like I am actually valued by my teachers, and they even support me outside of music it all around just feels like a family.

Drew H.

Voice student

Superb school with talented and qualifed instructors. My daughter has taken voice lessons for five years with both Mr. Paul and Miss Chelsea, and while her vocals and performance have improved tremendously, I’m most grateful for the mentorship and values taught. Through the school my daughter had opportunities with Opera Project Columbus, and there are often leadership and intern opportunities as well. Highly recommend!

Bethany A.

Parent of voice student

It’s Your Turn!

The art of acting needs practice. It can be an intimidating but also exciting journey to start learning something new. Take the first step today and honing your skills into the right direction.

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