Ticket Reservation Form

Seating is general admission and opens 30 minutes before the show. All ticket sales are non-refundable.

Ticket Prices:

General admission: $12
Senior citizens (60+): $10
Children 6 and under: FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is it?

The recitals will be held at Living Hope Church in Marysville, Ohio. We will have ushers onsite to guide you to the venue! Please check and double-check, and triple-check your recital date and time in our master schedule list to make sure.

Q: What time am I called?

A: For any recitals, students are called 45 minutes beforehand.

When you arrive, students will go to another room to warm up and wait and parents will be able to start being seated 30 minutes before the recital.

Q: Will masks be worn?

A: Your health (safety, physical health, and emotional health) is our top priority and we have been in close contact with the health department throughout this entire process. After support and confirmation from the health department, we are pleased to confirm that starting June 2nd, there are no mask mandates in the state of Ohio (except nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and private establishments that choose to require it). We are excited to announce that we will be honoring that the choice is yours, starting June 2nd. 

If you would like to come in mask free, you are free to do so! If you would like to wear a mask, you are free to do so. Our recitals will align with the lifted mask mandate as well for both students performing and audience members. There will be plenty of room in the audience to distance if you would like, and you may do so at your discretion. Please remember that instead of having several larger recitals, we have split recitals into 10 different recitals for your conveninece and safety!

Q: What do I wear?

A: Proper concert performance attire includes some formal attire. Broadway and Reds will need to wear their costumes. All other students should wear either a dress or a dress shirt and pants with a tie. Jackets are optional but recommended.

Q: What do I bring?

A: Student should bring a water bottle and their music. Unless specific arrangements have been made with their specific teacher, students will need to bring a three-ring binder with their music, double-sided and hole-punched for their teacher to accompany them. For instrumentalists, it is recommended that students bring their music to review beforehand, although they will be performing from memory.

Q: What do guests do when they arrive?

A: Since family and guests have to reserve their tickets in advance online, they’re able to come and check in to confirm their number of seats, and then enjoy the show!

Q: Will we warm up?

A: Vocalists will be given some common warm-ups as a group together beforehand. Instrumentalists are welcome to warm up during this time as well.

Q: I have a friend that wants to come. Is it open to the public?

A: Yes! Anyone may attend, as long as they reserve tickets. We will be monitoring the number of tickets reserved to make sure the space is not overloaded and to abide by safety guidelines. Any friends or family are welcome to attend, but tickets may sell out so be sure to get yours as soon as you can!

Q: What if my lesson is usually on a Saturday and the recital is on Saturday?

A: You will have the ability to work out a make-up lesson with your teacher if there is a conflict with the recitals.

Q: Is the recital mandatory? Who is able to perform?

A: We want you there! Although students get nervous before, they are glad they did it! Why? These recitals help them build confidence in a way that nothing else can. Standing onstage and performing a solo number is extremely difficult and extremely rewarding. If you’d like to have some step by step resources to help grow in confidence and manage performance anxiety, check out Nerves Be Gone Academy!

Q: I have a conflict with the schedule of my teacher, can I still perform on a different recital program?

A: Yes, you may! If you cannot attend your recital schedule, there is a possibility of moving you to another recital dependent upon your availability and your teachers’ availability. Please contact us directly to see if there are other possibilities for your scheduling needs

Please contact us via our support email (support@redschoolofmusic.com) before May 10 so we can make the proper arrangements.