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RED School of Music is a growing school that began as a passion project of Chelsea and Paul. It was opened in memorial of Ruth Evelyn Dryer. Ruth was the beloved grandmother of Chelsea and was her main inspiration, supporter, and role model. 

Chelsea and Paul named their music school RED, Ruth’s initials, with the intention of sharing Ruth’s spirit of inspiration and support with their students.

Today, RED School of Music represents a close-knit community of students and families passionate about musicianship. It represents like-minded people connected by a shared love for music.

Each person in the community has a huge part in helping us give us an avenue to express our love for music and teaching. These exciting things we’re planning would not be possible without everyone that has shown their love and support for us.


Each student who gives their all in lessons or rehearsals,
Each parent that lovingly supports their child’s passion,
Each teacher that tirelessly mentors their students,

We appreciate each one of them with all of our hearts. We’re thankful to have such a loving and supportive community that has pulled through even after the pandemic hit and small businesses like ours that greatly value meeting and connecting with students and families in-person.

Thanks to Zoom lessons and creative ways to meet and connect, we have truly felt the connection and that all of this is more than just students and business partners as a music school.

For fee information and to schedule a consultation or lesson, please use the contact form or call (937) 828-4733.

445 Allenby Drive
Marysville, OH 43040
United States

Paul and Chelsea Melcher, founders of RED School of Music.

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