Video Extras:

Supplemental Lesson Videos

Need to warm-up your voice? Want to start adding sight reading or singing on pitch to your voice skills? Here’s a great place to start or get more practice in between lessons. 

Video Warm Ups: Female

A set of warm up exercises for female students


Video Warm Ups:


A set of warm up excercises for male voices.

Advanced Warm Ups

Advanced warm up excercises suitable for female and male voices. 

Sight Reading Skills

Beginning skills to learning to sight read sheet music. 

Singing on Pitch

Exercises to help you match pitch better. 


More Voice Warm Ups for Male Voices

(Turning over) Additional exercises for the male voice.

Coming soon to purchase! Ms. Chelsea’s “Beat Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety” video series. 

If you struggle with anxiety before auditions and performances, please check back soon for more details on how to purchase this series.