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Fall Registration

We are currently doing in-person registration appointments with students who took summer lessons for fall. Open enrollment starts August 5th!

1. Patience: I learned that anything that you are going to be excellent at requires a firm grounding of patience and a close relationship between a personal work ethic and realistic and non-realistic goals. My teacher always had recordings of artists that were the very best at their crafts. Imagining yourself as one of those artists and putting yourself to the highest standard will, through patience and time, pay off.

2. With hard work you always have a choice. Without hard work, your choices are drastically reduced.

3. Glory can come with a price. Make sure your motivation and intentions are integral and you’ll never have an issue.

4. People you want to be like always end up disappointing you in the long run because they are human. Never strive to be like anyone. Only strive to be your very best at whatever you do.

5. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The old saying runs so true and it is in many ways why I encourage young students to pay for a fraction- if not all of their lessons. It also teaches kids to learn to press the “ask” button which takes humility and courage.

-Paul Melcher, August, 2016