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"Red School of Music is a very warm and welcoming community of people who truly believe in you, and are interested in what's going on in your life."

– Lauren, Ms. Christina’s student

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One of our best testimonials is the acheivements of our students. Open to learn more!

You’ll find our students as:

Members of Marysville’s Show Choir: Swingers Unlimited and Mini-Swingers.

Lead, supporting, and ensemble roles in school and community productions.

They also are:

Obtaining National Competition Recognition

Going on to achieve Music Majors, Performance Majors, Musical Theater Majors in college and universities.

Original artists that have recorded and released multiple singles.

“Mr. Melcher helped me discover what I actually wanted to do with my life. He helped me decide what I wanted to major in. He just really deepened my love for vocal music.”

Kayden’s testimonial video

Kayden C.

Music Education student, Bluffton University

“You may have a different kind of voice than somebody else. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. That does not mean it is better than somebody else’s. Honestly, I just found my inner strength through Red School of Music.”

Emma’s testimonial video

Emma K.

4 years at Red School of Music

“My son started drum lessons from Mr. Bart a few months ago, and the progress he has made is truly incredible! Mr. Bart takes the time to explain the fundamentals of drumming all while making it fun! Mr. Bart has gone above and beyond for my son, and his dedication to teaching him has not gone unnoticed.”

Rhea F.

Parent of Mr. Bart's student

It has been an honor to teach flute at the Red School of Music for the past two years. Paul and Chelsea are such talented musicians! Their level of performance is just outstanding! I am so impressed with their ability and willingness to share their expertise with students on every level. 

The Red School of Music is truly a school that provides a positive and nurturing environment for every student. They embrace students on all levels and help them reach their potential by providing the right amount of support, encouragement and good solid musical training! Know that your student will receive exceptional musical instruction at the Red School of Music!

Ms. Bonnie Navarre

Former Flute Teacher, RED School of Music

I have really loved working for Red over the past year! You have all taught me a lot about what it means to be a good teacher. It has been an invaluable experience that I will cherish for forever. I really do appreciate this opportunity you have given me to grow and learn in such a great environment.

Ms. Sam McGonigal

Former Teacher, RED School of Music

In RED there are students who truly love music and that really create a great environment for music study. Also Chelsea and Paul are such wonderful musicians to work with. I wish the best for the future of RED.

Ms. Bingjie Wang

Former Violin Teacher, RED School of Music

To the RED School of Music community, it has been a pleasure to work with you and to get to know so many of you! The students and families I encountered were so very kind, patient, and full of talent. It was a joy to watch the students grow and progress in ability, musicianship, and confidence. My fellow instructors taught me so much and were always there for me when I needed anything. I have grown so much as a musician, a teacher, and a person during my time here. I will always be thankful to Chelsea and Paul for the chance to grow with RED.

Wishing everyone the very best! It is good to know I have all of you in my corner as I move on to the next chapter of my life.

Mr. Alec Arnett

Former Piano, Voice and Saxophone Teacher, RED School of Music

Paul and Chelsea are truly professionals in their field... read more:

My daughter Stephanie has always loved to sing and would like to pursue performance into college and beyond! As a parent you always want to help your children to achieve the most they can out of their dreams and that is where RED Music Studio came to our aid.

Paul and Chelsea are truly professionals in their field. Their commitment to Stephanie and her goals are always at the forefront in what they work with her on. They have brought her from a girl who could sing into a young woman who can perform. They introduced her to opera which she has never sung before in which she has now learned songs in Italian, French and German. She has a range in her voice that I never knew she had.

Paul and Chelsea each brought something different to Stephanie’s training. Stephanie started with Chelsea in June of 2013 and she made it fun and new for her to learn. Chelsea knew how to help Stephanie with her technique, how to expand her range and give her the confidence to grow as a singer. Stephanie also has worked with Paul who brings his own perspective to her training. He is very detailed and particular in his training. He showed Stephanie the hard work that needs to go into learning a difficult piece, and believed in her ability to accomplish it.
It has truly been a blessing for us to have Chelsea and Paul work with Stephanie. Their delightful attitude and professionalism makes them incredible teachers. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a passion for singing or just wants to grow in their musical endeavors.

Carrie Milroy

Thank you both!

“And, if I haven’t mentioned it lately, they both adore taking lessons with you. Helena’s only regret is that she didn’t start sooner. Thanks so much for all you do.”  

From a student pursuing a music career.
“You have immensely helped me in music and just with life in general the past 2 1/2 years .Thank you for being such a great mentor and role model for me. <3
Love, Anna!”


Hear it from our community:

“RED School of Music is amazing! The teachers are caring, supportive and encouraging. They have helped to improve my daughter’s vocal skills and more importantly her confidence. I would highly recommend them!”

Wendi G.


“I’m so happy I have been going here two years!! The RED Music School is flawless. The teachers are amazing!! I always walk out feeling so confident in my song and know how much I have improved. By going here you get to learn many different skills in singing and many instruments. Definitely recommend to go here.”

Ciara M.

Voice student

“I’ve taken lessons from Chelsea for two years now and they were by far the best two years of my life! All the teachers are amazing and extremely sweet. I’ve achieved so much with their help!”

Kenzi J.

Voice student

“I love Red School of Music! I have been taking piano, voice, and acting lessons. I have grown so much as an performer and singer. I cannot give enough thanks to this studio and my teacher, Chelsea Hart- Melcher. I 100% recommend taking lessons here!”

Abby Kay G.

Piano, voice and acting student

“I’ve been taking vocal lessons here the past 4 years and it’s simply amazing! I’ve grown as a student, person & performer and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend taking classes here!”

Caroline G.

Voice student

“The teachers there are amazing! I’ve grown much more confident in both my voice and myself after a while of learning here.”


Voice student

“Best. Place.ever!!! They are awesome at teaching and amazing understanding teachers!!”

Keira B.

Voice student

“Wonderful vocal instruction, my child has learned so much in the past year and has become a stronger, more confident singer.”

Heidi C.


“Mrs. Christina is the best! Great knowledge and great with kids. So thankful we found her.”

Angie L.


“Our daughter has been taking singing lessons from Mrs. Chelsea for a little less than a year. The difference in our daughter during this time is tremendous. She went from singing low to confidently singing so all could hear. Her confidence has grown extensively! I have noticed this confidence stretch into many areas of her life. Mrs. Chelsea makes singing fun and is so encouraging! Our daughter cannot wait to go to class! We could not have dreamed of a better teacher for our daughter!!!”

Kim C.

Parent of one of our voice students

“My daughter takes group singing lessons with Miss Chelsea, and it has been a wonderful experience. Miss Chelsea is an incredible teacher who provides high-level instruction without sacrificing compassion, patience and gentleness. My daughter has responded so well to Miss Chelsea’s teaching style and method, and thanks to our experience, my daughter only loves music and singing even more than she did before we started lessons. I highly recommend Miss Chelsea and the Red School of Music.”

Ali H.


“We have been with Red School of Music for 5 years now! Chelsea and Paul have been great role models for both of my daughters and are wonderful teachers and citizens in our community. They truly care about each student in all aspects of the student life. I highly recommend Red School of Music, they have been so instrumental in helping my daughter achieve her musical goals!”

Cheryl H.


“Fantastic studio and fantastic staff!!! SO friendly and helpful!!! My daughter needed a last minute cut played for an audition video and they did it for her within a couple of hours of finding out!! SO THANKFUL!!!”

Amy D.


“He loves his singing lessons with Ms Lucy. :). They work on a variety of pieces from his interest to things that he is doing in musicals and school. 😉 So glad the Red School is available in Bellefontaine!”

Stephanie B.


“Lanndon has really enjoyed it and we have been so happy with Nick! He has been great with Lanndon! I have definitely already been recommending your business and will continue to do so!!!”

Amanda K.


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Paul and Chelsea Melcher, founders of RED School of Music.

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