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Fall Registration

We are currently doing in-person registration appointments with students who took summer lessons for fall. Open enrollment starts August 5th!

Red Opera Workshop (OpShop)

Age Group: Adults, College Students, High Schoolers

Professional and Preprofessional program with flexible scheduling that consists of working with a national opera coach/collaborative pianist to learn an opera role cover to cover.*

Choose your weeks, connect with your coach, and choose your role! Ability to upgrade to “Mastery Level” by adding on acting coaching for arias/scenes of your choice with national acting through song coaches.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Fill out the application form below to select your weeks, schedule, and role.

Step 2:

Connect with your coach to discuss schedule details and planning your sessions.

Step 3:

Pay tuition online to reserve your spot. Spots are limited and no coachings will take place until a spot is reserved by paying tuition online. Optional upgrade to include acting through song coachings

Step 4:

Get prepared—this will be a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Step 5:

Work with your coach(es) throughout 3 weeks to learn a full role (all recits, arias, scenes, ensemble numbers).

Red Opera Workshop (OpShop) Application Form

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Are you interested in upgrading to receive acting coaching?*

About the Program

Expectations: Depending on the role and age of the participant, there will need to be appropriate levels of preparation in advance. Learning a role cover-to-cover will not be possible unless the participant is able to grasp notes, rhythms, and diction at an appropriate pace.
  • Each participant will get a maximum of 14 hours with our collaborative pianists that includes private coaching and the option of a private performance (or making a recording for future auditions!) of selected arias and/or scenes with our collaborative pianist. Participants will have approximately 12 hours of coaching and 2 hours for either recording/performance with their coaches.
  • *Cover to cover: participants may choose an opera role they would like to learn and prepare. They will work with our coaches and prepare the role by going over diction, rhythm, notes, style, context, etc. and work to get comfortable singing the role under piano accompaniment.
  • Role options: Participants may choose a role from standard operatic repertoire consisting of languages in Italian, German, French, and English. If a participant has a specific role request deemed “outside of standard operatic repertoire”, they may request approval in advance of this role and upon approval, may have additional fee.
  • Participants will be expected to work on their music, complete homework in between coaching sessions, and follow deadlines discussed with coaches.
  • Based upon our coaches’ approval, participants that have completed their role preparation may plan to perform selected arias/scenes for their friends/family at the end of the program or request the coach to participate in a recording session (2 hours maximum) for future auditions. All recording equipment must be provided by participants, but Red School of Music will provide a venue option for a performance/recording room.
  • No refunds will be given for last minute cancellations of coaching sessions. Pre-scheduled coachings canceled by participants will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  • Tuition: $550
  • Payment plans available: $350 is due before first coaching and $150 due by the beginning of week 2.
  • For participants that choose to upgrade with acting coachings, they will receive 2 hours of acting coaching on arias/scenes with our acting coaches with techniques to free sound and show stronger choices to enhance voice and overall performance. Acting upgrade $120 flat fee, due before coachings take place.