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Intro for Performance Anxiety

Hey everybody it’s Chelsea Melcher here at the Red School of Music. 

I’m here to let you know what we have in store for you with our confidence in stage fright video series, what it is and who it’s for and who I was inspired by in order to create it for you. We have a seven-step video process for you to beat stage fright performance anxiety to gain confidence.

What it’s gonna do is, it’s gonna teach you how to do a few things besides all that to work through your anxiety, channel your nerves into being something positive for you.

It’s going to help you change your mindset, and it’s going to help you think about things in a positive light, stop beating yourself up, and enjoy your performances. So it’s gonna teach you how to do all of that. and I’m very easy to organize, easy to follow seven-step series.

And who is this for?

This is for anybody. If you have an audition coming up, where you have a performance coming up, or you just really want to do well if you’re presenting yourself in some way in front of people, or you just want to work on your nerves, anything like that.

So I was inspired because we have students every semester that have auditions and some of them have their auditions for show choir, or shows and musicals, sometimes bigger deals like college auditions or music major auditions, auditions for scholarships, auditions in national competitions.

And so that was my inspiration. It’s helping my students work through their anxiety and gain more confidence.

Because you have to have really good presentational skills, you have to have a certain energy and air about yourself as well when you’re doing auditions.

And it’s really important the skill sometimes people have it naturally, sometimes you can learn it as well. 

So I really helped and I’ve dug deep with all of my students on this process. 

And I realize well I’d love to help more people do it than just them. Plus we can’t accept all of the students that want to come with us.

There is a limit. I thought okay well why not make this process for everybody. So I just took my process and organized it. I made it into seven steps that are easy to follow. And I made the videos for you.

So if you are interested, if this is for you then please follow the links that you see and they will help you get this.

It’s helped me, it’s helped so many of my students.

Please enjoy.

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