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What to Do in Your Rehearsals

Be Present and Attentive

If a director has to say hey remember this one, they’re gonna get annoyed.

Two you’re wasting everyone’s time.

Hi there! Chelsea Melcher with Red School of Music here and today we are going to talk about what to do in your rehearsals.

First, this is one of my cardinal rules and my students will tell you this too. I am so particular about not being given the same note twice.

Meaning if you’re given a note to take a breath there, or to modify this vowel, that should be something that is incorporated immediately and then all of the time moving forward, because if a director has to say hey remember this one they’re gonna get annoyed.

Two you’re wasting everyone’s time and the production isn’t what it could be.

And so that’s one thing that’s really important, is to just be present and attentive okay. You can say: I’m only told this once every note that I’m given.

I will write it down, I will incorporate, I will look at the notes that I was given, that I’ve written down that night later after rehearsal so when the next rehearsal comes, I’m already ready.

I’ve already mentally done it or physically done it, incorporated it in some way so that I never will be given that same note again.


Your Character & Behavior Is Your Performance

Also, remember your reputation is important. So how do you show up to rehearsals? What are you wearing? What are you looking like? Are you on time? Do you have this team player type of attitude? All of these things are really important, and they are your brand.

You’re building your brand your whole life.

You’re building your brand and so remember how you’re treating people, and how you’re talking to people.

Are you a diva? Do you feel like oh I don’t talk to this and these people like I’m on a certain level and these people are not- No. Be careful about that.

Be Receptive to Correction

Lastly, be receptive to notes or changes. One thing that as musicians and artists we have to be totally malleable and flexible and adaptable because we are creating.

And it doesn’t have to be the same time or it doesn’t have to be the same way every time. And in fact, it really shouldn’t.

If we’re doing it correctly and because we want to have this freedom, and not just kind of box ourselves in.

And so when a director says try it this way or gives you a new inspiration, or a new surrounding to almost think about or I want more of this or less of this, whatever it is do you kind of roll your eyes in your head or are you receptive? Are you like yes okay absolutely thank you I’ll work on that?

So it’s really how you respond to things and they can pick up even if you’re like okay they can pick up on vibes and energies.

And you have to remember at the end of the day, directors cast people that they want to work with.

So if you are someone that is fun to work with or receptive or hard-working, you will be miles and miles ahead of someone that maybe has some amazing talent but they’re not as fun to work with.

So always keep those things in mind.

Share Your Experiences

Let me know in the comments what types of things are your biggest mistakes that you’ve either made yourself or that you’re like don’t make this mistake in rehearsal. Like, don’t show up late or don’t bring an open coffee that spills all over the floor in rehearsal.

All of those things are important.

So tell me what your experiences are like. What should we not do? We’re all in this together.

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Happy auditioning, happy rehearsing, have some fun, and go kick some butt!

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