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Why I Love Music Majors So Much

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Hello, how are you doing today?

I wanted to answer a question for you guys.

Something that has always been asked of me is: “why do you care about music majors so much?”

Cause you often hear me talk of music majors a lot. Why I care about them so much is because I was one for three different degree programs.

I understand that it is rough but it’s also not even when you’re in the program. You can have a rough time and struggle but it’s the transition afterward.

Then also I feel like there are so many things that box you in and you don’t even realize that they’re there.

For example, one thing that a teacher said to me during my undergrad was “never have kids because, after that, your career is over”.

It shocked me to hear that during my undergrad from someone I respected and trusted, and I believed that to be true. And I had all of this belief that if I had kids and a family meant that for some reason you didn’t make it or that you failed in some way.

It was the biggest lie that you could ever fall into. Perhaps she said that because she wasn’t able to really navigate the waters of balancing a career and a family at the same time.

But It doesn’t mean that is the reality for everybody. That’s one of the big pickups that I got from the music programs of being on one straight path.

As a vocal performance major, it was either go to the MET or Broadway and it meant that you made it. But that’s not true because everyone has their own level of making it.

There isn’t even a defined “it”. It’s just what fulfills you in your heart and that is different for everybody. So make sure you don’t let anybody box you in if that makes sense.

“And then another reason is the transition. You don’t see this right now, but if you’re a music major right now, everything’s fine and dandy. You have so many resources and support, you have so much professional development, you have practice rooms at your beck and call.

But once you’re done and you graduate, there is a big shift that happens.

And I was like this music program is amazing. I went to Central for my bachelor’s and then to Ohio State for my master’s. I then went to Jacob’s School of music for my PD. That was rated the number one school in the nation. I thought I  had it made, but didn’t realize through that there were so many missing pieces.

Not until after grad and it wasn’t right away, it was like Oh, look at all these things that I can do. But after I graduated, I had to buy my own piano. I had thousands in student loan debts to pay off. They were like “Oh, okay bye fly away”! I have to build my own business and brand. I was all on my own. That is the moment things can get a little shifty.

Those transitions can get very difficult.

But for me as a music major, in all three of those degree programs, I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t until afterward. My heart really goes out because I know there are times where you feel the rejection, the stress, the self-sabotage, the ugly cries, and it can be a lot. And my heart goes out to the music majors that are graduating now, or about to graduate, or they already did their masters programs and they’re like “now what?”

That’s the shift that I’m talking about. That’s the shift I feel so passionately about. That is the reason, I’m like hey music majors I’m here to help you. I do that because I don’t see a lot of people do it.

I see most of my colleagues kind of get a little resentful of music majors. I’m like just you wait and see. Cause, music majors are like “I’m gonna be the exception”. No, it doesn’t have to be like that.

I wanted to be a part of that change of saying, look you don’t see it now but there’s a bit of a transition process.

So that’s why in case you were wondering.

Thank you so much for tuning in this week. I hope that you enjoyed it and learned something don’t forget to like it and subscribe to the channel. I post new videos every Wednesday and a new podcast every Friday thanks.

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